Mathematical Definition


Schwefel Function

The contour of the function: Schwefel Function Contour

Description and Features

  • The function is continuous.
  • The function is not convex.
  • The function can be defined on n-dimensional space.
  • The function is multimodal.
  • The function is not .

Input Domain

The function can be defined on any input domain but it is usually evaluated on the hypercube $x_i \in [-500, 500]$ for $i = 1..n$.

Global Minima

$f(\textbf{x}^{\ast}) = 0$ at $\textbf{x}^{\ast} = (420.9687, …, 420.9687)$


An implementation of the Schwefel Function with MATLAB is provided below. Schwefel Function can be implemented with a for loop that iterates over all the components of the input vector but, MATLAB and Octave have built-in facilities that makes the implementation more efficient and concise.

% Computes the value of the Schwefel benchmark function.
% SCORES = SCHWEFELFCN(X) computes the value of the Schwefel function at 
% point X. SCHWEFELFCN accepts a matrix of size M-by-2 and returns a  
% vetor SCORES of size M-by-1 in which each row contains the function value 
% for the corresponding row of X.
% For more information please visit: 
% Author: Mazhar Ansari Ardeh
function scores = schwefelfcn(x)
    n = size(x, 2);
    scores = 418.9829 * n - (sum(x .* sin(sqrt(abs(x))), 2));

The function can be represented in Latex as follows:

f(\textbf{x}) = f(x_1, x_2, ..., x_n) = 418.9829d -{\sum_{i=1}^{n} x_i sin(\sqrt{|x_i|})}