Benchmarkfcns is a personal effort to provide a public repository of sources and documents for well-known optimization benchmark functions. The project is authored by Mazhar Ansari Ardeh and is hosted on Github at: Please forward any comments to mazhar.ansari.ardeh [at]

Mathematical formula are written in Latex and rendered by Powered by MathJax. MathJax requires the Javascript functionality of browsers to be enabled. Most of the Latex formula were created with the free HostMath online LaTeX formula editor.

This website is created by Jekyll and is hosted on Github. The homepage was generated by GitHub Pages using the Cayman theme by Jason Long.

Thieu Nguyen Van implemented a majority of this repository in Python and it is available at GitHub and PyPI.


Any bug reports, code contributions, suggestions, feedback and insights are immensely appreciated and will support this project.


The contents of this web site are published under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License 3.0. Source codes on this web site are published under the MIT License.